Who I am... what I do...

Owned and run by Jon Allum, Exquisite offers professional car detailing services to clean, rejuvenate and protect any and all automotive surfaces. Established as an alternative to traditional car valeting companies, Exquisite combines expertise, specialist equipment and exceptional products to cater for the detailing requirements of the discerning owner.

A Refreshing Ethos...

The company operates around the core values of honesty, reliability, diligence and respect for the property of others. The finishes I produce are shown in the photo gallery. The thoughts of customers who have entrusted me with their much loved performance, prestige, luxury and cherished cars can be read here.


The treatment options outlined below are carried out from a state of the art detailing studio in Hallatrow, easily accessible from Bath, Bristol, Wells and The Chew Valley. 


If you would like to discuss your detailing requirements or book your car in, please call Jon Allum on 07737 935 110 or email enquiries@exquisitecarcare.co.uk.


Maintenance Detail: A safe and thorough 20-step wash process that leaves the exterior surfaces of your car clean and detailed, but without the damage associated with hand car washes and valeters. £35 per hour, typically taking 3 to 6 hours.

- Wheel arches, calipers and alloys deep cleaned (faces, rims, spoke backs);
- Door / boot shuts / fuel filler cleaned;
- Extensive pre-wash followed by a top down wash and pure water rinse;
- Water blown from exterior surfaces and panel gaps with filtered air and shuts dried with microfibre drying towels;
- Tyre walls restored, exhaust tip(s) polished and glass cleaned inside and out.

Protection Detail:
Dramatically enhances the appearance of your vehicle, protects exterior surfaces and reduces the need for regular washing. From £280.

- Number plates removed, bodywork, alloys, wheel arches and door / boot shuts thoroughly and safely cleaned;
- Firmly bonded contaminants that dull and eat away at paint (iron fallout, tar spots...) removed to leave paint feeling perfectly smooth;
- Minor paintwork imperfections masked to enhance gloss and reflectivity;
- Paintwork sealed with either Carnauba wax or a synthetic sealant for 4 months of protection;
- Plastics revived and protected from UV fading.

Gloss Enhancement Detail:
Safely restores the gloss, clarity and reflectivity to paintwork before protecting exterior surfaces. From £560.

- This builds on the Protection Detail outlined above by:
- Adding in a single stage of machine polishing to safely remove light swirl marks, buffer trails, scratches and other shallow surface defects.

** Upgrade to a state of the art hybrid quartz coating, Gyeon Q2 MOHS, for upwards of 24 months protection.

Paint Correction Detail:
Safely restores paintwork to near perfection through multi-stage machine polishing to give back owners that new car feeling. From £840.

- This builds on the Protection Detail outlined above by:
- Adding in a multi stage machine polishing process, which removes a small percentage of the outermost layer of paint to reveal unblemished paint beneath;
- This removes > 95% of paint defects present, although paint thickness and defect severity are sometimes limiting factors;
- The paint is then refined to enhance gloss and reflectivity further to leave paintwork often better than when it left the showroom;
- A durable Carnauba wax or synthetic sealant is applied to provide 4 months protection;
- This is topped with a stunning show wax to leave truly jaw-dropping gloss and reflectivity.

** Upgrade with a state of the art hybrid quartz coating, Gyeon Q2 MOHS, for upwards of 24 months protection.

New Car Detail: Removes damaging contaminants picked up during storage & transport, rectifies any paintwork damage & protects exterior / interior surfaces with ultra durable products that, unlike dealer applied paint protection, last years not weeks. From £630.

- Number plates removed, bodywork, alloys, wheel arches and door / boot shuts thoroughly and safely cleaned;
- Iron fallout and organic deposits picked up during storage and transport removed to leave a paint feeling perfectly smooth;
- Paintwork machine polished (at additional cost) to remove any swirl marks present (only an issue if the dealership washes the car);
- Paintwork protected with two layers of an ultra durable, hydrophobic, scratch resistant quartz coating, Gyeon MOHS, that protects for 18 months;
- Plastics protected from UV fading with ultra durable trim coatings;
- Tyre walls restored to a satin black, exhaust tip(s) sealed and glass cleaned inside and out.

** For additional treatment options to protect the leather, alloy wheels, glass, engine bay and convertible top (where applicable) click here.

Deep Interior Clean: Removes dirt from all surfaces to leave a fresh and pleasant space for you and your passengers. £35 per hour.

- Rubbish removed and personal belongings bagged up and safely stored;
- Dirt and pet hair trapped deep within upholstery, footwells, carpets, mats and the boot lining brushed out and vacuumed;
Removal of pet hair, dust and debris from places the vacuum cannot reach with filtered air;
- Leather cleaned (if applicable);
- Upholstery, alcantara, carpets and mats cleaned;
- Upholstery, leather, carpets & mats steam cleaned (if required);
- Plastics cleaned, restored and protected from UV fading;
- Headlining cleaned (if necessary);
- Controls cleaned;
- Glass cleaned, including sunroofs, interior and vanity mirrors.

** Upgrade with leather / mats / carpets protection to help protect your interior from spillages, mud, body oils and staining.

Car Odour Removal:
A controlled release of chlorine dioxide permanently removes car odours by destroying the bacteria that cause the smell. £50.

- Eliminates the unpleasant smell of c
igarette smoke / pet & dog odour / damp & mildew / vomit / sick / spilt & off milk;
- Kills bacteria in the air conditioning and ventilation system;
- Safe to use in all automotive interiors.

Headlight Restoration:  
If your MOT failure reads "front/offside headlamp excessively deteriorated so that the light output is severely reduced [1.7.4a]" don't despair. The clarity and light output can be restored without resorting to replacing the light unit. £30 per corner.

- Adjacent bodywork taped off and protected;
- Discoloured outer layer removed through multi-stage wet sanding;
- Sanding haze machine polished to leave crisp, clear headlights.

Alloy Gator Fitting:   Only available as an addition to the treatments above and not offered as a stand alone service.  £110 to £120 per set supplied and fitted.